Renewable Research = Sustainable Growth.


The Renewable Bioproducts Institute at Georgia Tech builds on nearly a century of lignocellulosics research to advance business opportunities based on renewable resources for today and tomorrow.

Renewable Revolution

Building on nearly a century of lignocellulosics research, we are the premier research institute at Georgia Tech for the transformation of biomaterials into new products, including traditional and new forest products, renewable energy, chemicals, advanced materials and pharmaceuticals. Renewable bioproducts are enhancing the portfolios of a range of industries, including automotive, pulp and paper, aerospace, defense and consumer products.

Refining Performance

With the development of each new generation of products, we answer the call of industry to make those products more durable, reliable, lighter and temperature resistant. The brightest minds in research hand-in-hand with our industry partners are pursuing performance breakthroughs in the refining of forest and agricultural biomass into new, cost-effective products with enhanced performance.

Emphasizing Collaboration


In order to enable companies to seize new opportunities, RBI is creating an innovation ecosystem that brings together education, research, government and industry in unique ways. Our vision is to create and strengthen collaborative partnerships, both internally and externally. This maximizes the impact of our research in real-world applications across the new bioeconomy in wide-ranging bioproducts markets.


Research Focus Areas


RBI specializes in the development of sustainable manufacturing processes to produce new value-added products from forest biomass with specific focus on addressing challenges for future high margin/high volume products from that biomass.


Bioproducts research at RBI builds on decades of experience collaborating with pulp and paper manufacturers – extending today into a broad array of industries interested in creating value from forest and agricultural materials. Our team of premier researchers is helping companies become more efficient and cost effective in their operations – and develop value added products for the future.



  • Apr 14

    Cellulose Nanomaterials: Plant-Based Nanoparticles Growing a Sustainable Future

  • Mar 10-11

    Developing and Advancing Opportunities in the Bioeconomy

    The Renewable Bioproducts Institute will host dozens of industry executives in March to discuss emerging research needs and trends in the bioeconomy.

    The annual spring meeting, entitled “Developing and Advancing Opportunities in the Bioeconomy,” will be held at the Paper Tricentennial Building, March 10-11.

    This year three concurrent tracks moderated by leading experts in their fields of research will feature faculty presentations on research directions and opportunities in key strategic areas. Afternoon workshops will follow, along with discussion regarding the translation of these advances into real-world opportunities within the developing bioeconomy. The three tracks are “Catalytic Advances in Biochemical Production,” “Biocomposites and Nanocellulose” and “Operational Excellence in Advanced Paper and Packaging." 

  • Feb 27 to Jun 26

    A Gathering of Continents

    Georgia Tech’s Price Gilbert Memorial Library and the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking are giving visitors a unique passport back in time to the early mappings of the earth. The exhibit, hosted by the museum, opened Feb. 27 and will be on view through June 26.

  • Nov 13-14

    Corrosion in the Pulp and Paper Industry and Biorefineries