New Insights Could Pave The Way For Self-Powered Low Energy Devices
Low-energy self-powered devices 2
Zhong Lin Wang: Information that could help improve devices that leverage such energy as a power source

Four-in-one 3D printer paves way for custom-made robots, phones
3-D printed prosthetic limbs
Experimental device is one of the first to combine multiple printing techniques in one machine

GT launches Global Change Program
Global Change Program
Program to Focus Efforts on Education, Research, Engagement

TAPPI Nano announces opening keynote
Alper Kiziltas, Ford Motor Company
Ford research scientist to discuss nanocellulose in auto industry

Meisha Shofner named RBI interim executive director
Meisha Shofner named RBI interim executive director
Current director Norman Marsolan set to retire March 28

Industry, researchers gather to discuss new technology paths in bioproducts manufacture
George White, Senior Director, GT Office of Industry Collaboration, visits with Mike Rushton, COO, Fibria.
2018 RBI Executive Conference welcomes leader leaders to open dialogue on GT campus

Norman Marsolan retires as RBI executive director
Norman Marsolan, center, is honored prior to his retirement from RBI by Steve Cross, left, and Chris Jones
Colleagues honor long career in industry, academia

Five students win top prizes at RBI's 2018 Poster Competition
RBI 2018 poster session winners Jeffrey Luo, MSE; Nicholas Kruyer, ChBE; Chinmay Satam, ChBE; Bedi Baykal, MSE; Songcheng Wang, ChBE
Session is popular highlight of annual executive conference

Brewing a better cup of coffee
pHAM reduces coffee's acidity during brewing
Team designs pHAM, a filter to reduce coffee’s acidity