Director | Dr. Norman Marsolan

Norman MarsolanThe Renewable Bioproducts Institute (RBI) at the Georgia Institute of Technology is the premier research institute for the transformation of biomaterials into new products, including traditional and new forest products, renewable energy, chemicals, advanced materials and pharmaceuticals.

Our Institute has experienced an evolution in the past decade, building upon the rich history of the Institute of Paper Science and Technology while positioning ourselves to serve the needs of the new bioeconomy.

Bioproducts and bioprocessing research has also undergone an evolution. It now includes technologies that produce chemicals, biofuels and new material products from forest raw materials. We are committed to enhancing the global competitiveness of companies operating in wide-ranging bioproducts markets.

At RBI, we understand that an innovation ecosystem that brings together education, research, government and industry in unique ways will enable companies to seize new opportunities. Our vision is to create and strengthen collaborative partnerships, both internally and externally. This will maximize the impact of our research in real-world applications benefitting our world — your world. Your involvement in discussions like this is key.

Our institute is home to some of the brightest minds pursuing master’s of science and Ph.D. degrees conferred by Georgia Tech. There are currently 50 funded graduate students, as well as a large number of undergraduates, working in our laboratories to define the next generation of renewable bioproducts and bioprocessing techniques. Their innovative ideas create new biochemicals and innovative packaging, leverage nanocellulose in sustainable materials, reduce the manufacturing cost of existing and new papers, and develop platforms for imaginative applications, just to name a few.

RBI’s research and educational activities are driven by cross cutting support services in laboratory analysis, the Center for Business and Industry Studies, environment and sustainability, and policy. I invite you to join us, virtually and in person, in our pursuits as we explore a fascinating future.

Norman Marsolan, Ph. D.

Director Norman Marsolan, BS, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, was appointed Director of the Institute in November, 2009. Marsolan was Director of Research & Development at International Paper Company after having held leadership and management assignments in process control, technology, and operations. Marsolan was on the faculty at Louisiana Tech University (1976-1988) and served as Director of Engineering Research and Graduate Studies. He is a past chair of the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) and a TAPPI Fellow.